Sustainability is an important objective of our daily operations,  and we strive to integrate it across our business functions. As we focus on ensuring availability of natural resources to our future generations, GNR group has extensively invested in renewable energy for a  better environmental ecosystem. 

We have set up Windmill with capacity of 2MW. Further we have built,  in-house Solar unit with capacity of 1.5MW in 2022.  These renewable energy sources directly produce 45% of electricity utilisation per month for operating our Industries. We aim to run our factories on 100% renewal energy by 2030. 

In today’s day and age, scarcity of water is an alarming concern, and the availability of fresh water is a very small fraction.  To contribute towards a better water management system,  GNR Group has Rainwater harvesting reserve of 1,000,00 litres.

For Spinning and Weaving unit, we use 100% natural cotton and avoid any chemicals usage.

To reduce environmental impact of commute to work, we have built workers quarters for 500+ families near our factories.

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