GNR Weaving Mill

Gnr Weaving Mill Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2021 to further expand our value chain. The motive of the company is to deliver high quality grey fabric to its customers. The company started with a capacity of 36 airjet wider width looms which produces 15000 mtrs / perday and has its own proprietary unit for sizing beams to cater a capacity of 120 looms. The company is set to add more looms and its own processing unit in the coming years to expand its customer base and make a mark in the textile industry globally.

Some of our products

60 x 60 x 165 x 104 – 63”  (Satin)

60 x 60 x 175 x 56/2 – 120” (Satin)

39Pc x 24Kw x 104 x 76 – 124” (Satin)

30 x 30 x 74 x 64 – 121” (Plain)

We also offer customization.

Our Customers